The Gene Rift **COVER REVEAL**

The Gene Rift **COVER REVEAL**

The cover reveal is here!

You’ve been so patient, my friends. Finally, the cover reveal for The Gene Rift is here!

I’m so excited to share this with you today, and I’m even more excited to share the book with you on Sept 1.


The Gene Rift is the second in the Destiny by Design series. I know when I read series, I always want to read them in order, so if you need to get your hands on The Breeding Tree, click here.

If you want to join the launch party, click here.


New Date-Cover-Book Release

I’m so excited about The Gene Rift’s release. The publisher, Brimstone Fiction, and I are ramping up to make it awesome! And today, I saw a mock up for the cover! It’s beautiful! I can’t show it to you yet. Soon, I promise.

For those of you who follow me, you’re probably wondering about the “new date” mentioned in the title of this blog. We were originally scheduled for August 1st, but in publishing, dates can be fluid. Both Brimstone and I want to make sure that you are getting the best book possible, so we’ve set the new date for SEPTEMBER 1st. YAY! Get excited. The Gene Rift is going to be awesome.

If you haven’t had a chance to read The Breeding Tree first, there’s still time! You can find it HERE.



For the first time I actually participated in Nanowrimo. Every other year I’ve been mid-book when Nano started, so this year was the year. I finished up a rough draft of a YA contemporary I’ve been working on and I had an idea for a YA Post Apocalyptic. It was going to be epic.

Here’s the deal: I’m a planner when it comes to writing. I want to see the whole story at once and pick and choose where in the story I’m going to write. But this year, I couldn’t. I only had 2 days to plan and one of those days filled up quickly with kid stuff.

So, I went for it, starting with the few scenes I had planned. But where do I go from there? Once those were done, I was lost, but I still had 2k I had to write that day. I just kept pushing on. And you know what? I finished!

The story is a mess, but I’ve learned a few things along the way.

  1. You can do anything if you put your mind to it including write 50 THOUSAND words in 30 days, (I did it in 28.)
  2. Putting aside other things won’t kill you. Yes, my house was a mess for a month, but I got my 2k a day average! 🙂
  3. Surprise! If you don’t know what is going to happen next in your story, neither will your readers.
    1. Seriously, I was surprised by a few things in this story. I didn’t expect my characters to do certain things, but they did.
  4. There’s always time to clean up aka. edit.
    1. Like I said, the story is a mess. But it’s there. The events are all out of order because I didn’t have time to figure out where they’d go when I got a new idea. I just put it wherever I wanted it. 🙂 I have the next year to clean up the storyline and add elements that will actually make it a story because right now, it’s a giant pile of word vomit.

So, did you participate in Nanowrimo? If so, how did you do?

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

Just like most people, I hate waiting. That in-between wondering drives me insane. I’m not a patient person, just ask my agent.

Right now, I’ve handed in my most recent edits and now I wait. Pretty soon, I’ll hear that I need another round of edits, I’ll see a cover for RIFT, and I’ll be asked what marketing I’m planning on my end. But right now, I wait.

It’s okay, I guess, this waiting game. It allows me time to focus on other writing. My WIP is nearly done, and I’m planning another novel as well as a few shorts to tie over some fans until RIFT releases. So it’s good. Yes, in the long run, it’s good.

But that doesn’t make waiting any more fun. 🙂




Stay Positive #leafypages chat

Stay Positive #leafypages chat

When writing, as in life, it’s important to stay positive. But how do you do that when it’s so easy to get down? Here’s our Top Ten ways to Stay Positive when writing. 

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block- Leafy Pages Chat

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block- Leafy Pages Chat

Greetings: Check out a recap of our Leafypages chat from 5/26/2016 where we discussed WRITER’S BLOCK. Please add your thoughts in the comments if you have new ways to avoid writer’s block. (PS. I think some of our #s got lost in the mix, but you’ll all get the idea.

Join us for #leafypages on Twitter every Thurs at  9 EST.

#leafypages Recap 2/28 and 5/12

#leafypages Recap 2/28 and 5/12

On April 28 and May 12, our weekly Twitter chat, #Leafypages, turned over a new leaf. (GROAN) Oh, come on, that was funny, even if it was cliche.

Anyway, here’s the recap.

April 28 we talked about book promotions. The great thing about a bunch of authors coming together is getting new ideas. We discovered some great new ways to help promote books:

Word of mouth Is there anything better than people telling their friends about your books? I don’t think so. 
Blogs and blog tours-Find them. Schedule interviews or guest posts. A simple google search will pull up blogs that would be specific to your book. I’d search YA book bloggers, for instance. Doing some out of the box things like an audio or video recording for this would be great. 
You tube–The idea of book promotions and marketing is to show readers that authors are real people. What better way than to chat via a short video?
Twitter-I learned that you can pin a tweet to the top just like on Facebook. Who knew? So, do you have book news? Pin it! We wouldn’t do us any service if we didn’t mention Twitterchats. Of course, we’d love for you to join ours, #leafypages on Thursdays at (EST). Other great ones are #K8chat (Also Thurs at 9), #storydam, #10minutenovelists. If you know of any more, please post them in the comments! We’d love to join in. 
Booklaunch–I’ve done a book launch before. We did giveaways and fun trivia related to the book. We entered people into a raffle for a kindle if they shared about the book, but my friend Kelly Martin does amazing countdown parties. It’s  like a book launch except she starts it earlier! The excitement builds. The best things she does that I plan to apply to my next launch is having guest authors on for an hour or two. They get to talk about their books, but they also bring in their readership to her fans. It’s brilliant, really!
Pinterest— Pinterest is great for that visual reader. Pin pictures of your setting, what your characters look like, memes, anything related to your book.


May 5, we talked a little about book trailers. These can range from professional ones, which would cost money to homemade ones. 

Some software and websites we use to create trailers and memes include: 

Adobe stock— get pictures from here

Sony vegas 11– load them onto here

Get free music from youtube creator studio.

For creating memes related to your book, we prefer:

We can’t say if one is better than the other. Usually it’s just a matter of what you’re used to.

Hopefully, this recap will help you in your promotions. Join us at #leafypages on Twitter on Thurs at 9 EST.